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"I’m a goddamned soldier."


If Garnet ever gets her gem cracked I want her afro to lose it’s squareness and she would be annoyed by that.


If Garnet ever gets her gem cracked I want her afro to lose it’s squareness and she would be annoyed by that.

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Batgirls & Robins Of Color


i just really want a batkids show:

damian meets the (bat)family


A little bit of #WonderWoman for Jamie from @saskexpo #commissions


A little bit of #WonderWoman for Jamie from @saskexpo #commissions


Bucky Cap


what if instead of “genderbends” we just had trans characters. imagine.


- Nightwing Annual #02


This, this is the part that is so wrong with this issue. And now I have to talk some. For one, being a hardroce shipper of DickBabs and DickKory I defend both relationships as I’ve said before. Different times, different circumstances. This scene mixes it all together.

I’m a grown woman and I am shallow enough to say that I like seeing the first panel in this sequence. Because Dick and Babs love each other fiercly and I believe, romantically. It’s the setting that’s all wrong.

IIRC this is suppoed to take place around the time where Dick and Kory was about to get married and Babs went from Batgirl to Oracle. Of course, the New Titans canon and the main Batman canons don’t corespond completely but that is the timeframe. What also needs to be said is that Dick wanted to marry Kory under false pretenses. Oh, he loved her all right, but they weren’t really at that stage in their relationship that they were ready for marriage. The thing is, they had both been fooled by Mirage and the wedding was interrupted by a posessed Raven. It’s not a good story.

So when Devin Grayson writes this Dick not only cheats on Kory (which is really, really bad in my book) but he behaves like - and this is one of those few times i think it’s okay to call him this - a dick. This entire scene just makes me angry. Babs later says that it was only after this she started doing things for herself and not for others. Being betrayed (if one considers this sequence canon) by one of the dearest people to her, would cause some very deep wounds and pause for thought.

This scene is like the editorial error from NML (I think) where Dick is shown to kiss Helena instead of Babs at midnight because some writers were working on a storyline including a romance between them instead of the then established relationship between Dick and Babs (it might be related to the Nightwing/Huntress crossover). Anyway.

We move on. Not entirely as if nothing’s happened, but the tension that’s been building up to this moment is released and we can move on to more fun things (we’re only a little over halfway through this issue. I did say excruciating detail).